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Welcome for guest posting. Welcome new bloggers, we will guide you for guest posting. DigitalNetbook is a tech blog we publish the best 10 type posts. You can easily join us. If you want to write something about tech on our site, mail us your tropics.

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Technology Guest Posting Guidelines:

If you want to do guest posting on our site, you have to follow simple rules. E-mail your tropics first, don’t send articles before. E-mail us the subject of your article to contact us or digitalmaxx6[@]gmail[dot]com (we like Gmail)

  • The article should be brand new, don’t copy it anywhere ( 100% Unique ).
  • 3 photo copyright free. Use, we will take the photo link if you send the link. The first photo should be 1300 x 600.
  • We usually like 3000 words, but you can write an article in 700 to 4000 words.
  • Your article must be informational, you send the tropic and we will guide you.
  • Use the heading tag correctly. H1 should always be the title of the post. The first heading of the post should be H2 and not more than 5 H3 under H2. We will mail the demo.
  • You can use text files, MS word, Hemingway app and G-dos for this article.

What kind of guest post to write

  • Only tech articles we accept.
  • We have given the link to the youtube video.
  • We publish Computer, Headphone, Speaker, Laptop, Tech article, Smartwatch, Gadgets review -related articles.
  • I will give 2 do-follow links

Guest PostingDo not do

  • Do not copy articles anywhere.
  • Articles should not be non-informative.
  • We do not accept commercial content.
  • Do not add affiliate-links in any way.

*You need to post the link of our published page on your social platform.

*We accept free and paid guest posts. We will reply in 2 to 4 days


“marketing technology write for us”

“technology write for us”