How to Withdraw Money From Dream 11 to Your Bank Account in 2021

Dream11 is a betting platform where you can bat in some games. Usually, dream11 has some contests, you have to join the contest. You have to make your own team and take the players who will play.

You have to pay an entry fee to join any contest in Dream 11. In each game, have a set of win prizes in advance, and whoever wins receives the prize money.

If you did not get the winning money, you would need to withdraw it now. If you want to know How to Withdraw Money From Dream 11 then this article written in detail about that.

How to Withdraw Money From Dream 11

You have won some money and now you want to transfer it to your bank account. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get money to your account. You cannot withdraw less than 100 rupees in one day, the lowest amount should be 100 rupees.

These are the methods of sending money to the bank

  1. Open Your Dream 11 App

  2. You must have a login

  3. “Manu” on the top left click here

  4. First of all click on Chess “My Balance”

  5. Now go to “KYC Details”

    Money From Dream 11

  6. Verify all your details

    You need to verify the phone number, email id and add the PAN card number and bank account number.

  7. The “My Balance” section “Withdraw Instantly” option will appear again click it

    Dream 11

  8. Enter your Amount & “Withdraw Now”

After viewing this article in full, you can easily transfer your winning price from Dream 11 to your bank account.

Money can transferred from Dream 11 to Paytm wallet

You can only transfer money from Dream 11 to a bank account. Money cannot be transferred directly from Dream XI to Paytm Wallet. If you have an account with Paytm Bank, it can be transferred there. You can transfer money to any bank account and add money from there to Paytm Wallet.

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