How to update & change mobile number in Aadhar card online

How to link mobile number or change number in Aadhaar card but you don’t tell the right way. If you do not link the mobile number with the Aadhaar, you will not get many benefits. If you ever lose your Aadhaar card, you can download it online.

The mobile number has a link, you can change the address of your Aadhaar card at home. Not only this, if your number is link then you can make a PAN card free of cost and you will get the PAN card in no time. if the phone number link to the Aadhaar card then various government skim, it is very easy to apply.

If you travel by train all the time, you can show the digital Aadhaar card. You do not have to carry a physical Aadhaar card all the time. In this article, we will see how to change Aadhar card mobile number online. You can also see here that you want to update the number.

How to check mobile number in Aadhar card

You don’t know if your phone number is link to your dark, find out first. Here we will see step by step how to check mobile number in aadhar card.

Before updating or changing the number, check which of your numbers is register with Aadhaar card. We first search the Aadhaar card number and phone number on the Aadhaar website.

Check mobile number in Aadhar card step by step

The method we are using to check which mobile number is in Aadhaar card is that you can use a smartphone or desktop.

1- Open any browser

2- You have to open the official website of Aadhaar card

3- Follow three steps in a row ( My Aadhaar -> Aadhaar Services -> Verify an Aadhaar number )

4- That will open and click Proceed to Verify with your Aadhaar number and capture.

5- Now the page that has opened here will show whether your Aadhaar is valid and its full details and last three digits of your phone number.

Find out if there is a link to the phone number with the Aadhaar card. If there is a link, which number is linked to Aadhaar card.

How to change Aadhar card mobile number online

Now you can’t change the phone number on Aadhaar card online, you need to use the offline method. To change the phone number you need to go to Aadhaar Center and for this, you need to book an appointment online.

In this article, we will see how to update Aadhar card mobile number online.

How to change mobile number in Aadhar card online step by step

  1. Go to Aadhaar Official website

    Open the official website of Aadhaar from any browser

  2. My Aadhaar -> Book an Appointment

    update Aadhar card mobile number

  3. Click ‘Process to Book an Appointment.’

    You need to book an appointment before going to the Aadhaar Service kendra.Click 'Process to Book an Appointment.'

  4. Login in this page

    Fill in the phone number and capture and click on Send & OTP. Submit OTP & proceedLogin in this page aadhaar

  5. Click ‘Update Aadhaar”

    Here you will find two options you have to click to update to update Aadhaar

  6. Fill in all the details

    Provide all the information to find your Aadhaar card. Click on the mobile number given below and number on Aadhaar card online`

  7. Update Your mobile number

    Enter the mobile number you want to update and fill in the captures, click Send OTP and proceed before submitting number in Aadhar card online

  8. Update details

    Check all the details again and there are some terms and conditions which you can read in full and continue.The mobile number has a link

  9. Now click ‘Book Appointment’

    After completing all the steps, you have to book the appointmentdigital Aadhaar card

  10. Find a Enrolment Center

    You need to find the enrollment center with your PIN code that is closest to youFind a Enrolment Center aadhaar

  11. Get a Date & Time

    After getting to the enrollment center, you have to fix the date and timeHow to change mobile number

  12. Payment Details

    The fifty rupees that you have here will be taken from you at the enrollment centernumber in Aadhar card online

  13. Print Aadhaar Update from

    Make a copy of this Aadhaar update form and show it at the Enrollment number with the Aadhaar card

Change Aadhar card mobile number offline

The phone number linked to the Aadhaar card is lost or you don’t have it so you want to change it. Change or update the phone number on your Aadhaar card is the same process.

If you want to go to the enrollment center, you must book the enrollment center apartment. You do not have to provide any documents separately to update your mobile number and email id only with an Aadhaar card. You must carry 50 rupees.

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