How to unlock Voltas ac remote control and function guide

Voltas gives you a very high-quality product. if you are using a Voltas Ac, you will know that there are many features in Voltas Ac.

The whole control of Ac can be control by Voltas ac remote. Many times we do not understand the features of the remote control after buying a new Ac.

This article discusses the voltas ac remote control. You will find all about Voltas ac remote function guide in this article.

How to unlock Voltas ac remote (Voltas ac remote lock)

If you some reason your AC is lock remotely and you can’t open it. The lock and unlock setting is one of the features of Voltas AC. Voltas AC remote is how they lock and unlock. We will fully guide you here on how to unlock Voltas ac remote.

  1. Step by step unlock Voltas ac remote

    · First you have to turn your Ac
    · Now turn on the remote
    · check if there is a lock symbol
    · (+)Plus and (-)Minus two buttons in remote
    · Press and hold the two-button together
    · You will see that your AC is unlockvoltas ac remote app

#This is the key process to use to lock the Voltas ac remote.

voltas ac remote app

Do you want to control the voltage ac from the phone? You need a smartphone to be able to do this, and your smartphone needs to have remote control features.

Let’s see how the AC is controllers from the app. Remote control this feature is provided in many phones. If this feature is not provided on your phone then need to install voltas ac remote app its called Voltas Smart.

You can control the ac through this app. One thing to keep in mind is that this app will not work if your phone does not have a remote control facility.

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