How to Get Weapon Master in Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile weapon master is a legendary achievement for all pro-players. As you can see, everyone who has big gaming usually has this award. If you want to replace yourself with a Pro-player, you need to have some of these achievements.

We will have these kinds of achievements. We get a variety of skins and legendary dresses. Having this kind of screen and dress gives our profile a pro-gamer type look. Hopefully, with this article, you have been able to get full Pubg achievement

How to Get Weapon Master in Pubg

We have discussed in detail how to get a weapon master. If you follow the way it has said in this way, you will be able to achieve Pubg weapon master these in one of the two matches. After completing the manual tasks one by one, you need to collect what will be the assessment in your profile.

The general way to achieve the Open Master title

  1. Kill an enemy with an AR Gun

    (M416, AUG 43, Beryl, G36C, M416, M16A4, AKM, SCAR-L, Mutant, QBZ95, and Groza)

  2. Kill an enemy with SMG Gun.

    (UMP 45, Kriss Vector, Micro Uzi, Tommy Gun, PP-19 Bizon, MP5K)

  3. Kill an enemy with Sniper Gun.

    (AWM, Kar98k, M24, Win94)

  4. Kill an enemy with Shot Gun.

    ( S12K, S1897, S686)

  5. Kill an enemy with Through


  6. Kill an enemy with a Vehicle

    (Car, Buggy or Jeep)

You can easily get the achievement by completing these six tasks in one or two matches. If you knock someone with a sniper, then kill the sniper with a sniper Otherwise, the task will not be complete.

Even if you kill your friend’s knocked player, the task will not be complete. The fresh player has to knock and kill then the task will complete and you will get Pubg weapon master achievement

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