Delete Your Swiggy Account Permanently in India 2021

Swiggy is a food delivery service for those who order food online and deliver food from Swiggy restaurants. Swiggy Delivery Partner completes the order.

Are you a Swiggy account wanting to delete your Swiggy account for any reason? But you don’t know the right way, you can do it very easily by reading this whole article.

Usually, if you have a problem with the Swiggy app, a direct support call will solve your problem. A lot of times when we download an application we open an account in it and if we don’t need it we uninstall the application but we don’t delete the account.

How to Delete Swiggy Account Permanent

The Swiggy Delivery Partner app has a complete guide, and this article is about the same steps. It shows in a little detail, for your convenience.

There is no direct way to delete a Swiggy account. You need to send a mail to Support to delete this. We discuss this in detail below.

How to Delete Swiggy Account step by step

  1. Open Your “Gmail”

  2. Click “Compose”

  3. In the To section, type “”

  4. In the Subject section type “Delete my Swiggy Account”

    gmail Delete Swiggy Account

  5. The text section type, “I want to delete my account”

    Below this, you will also write your registered mobile number and email id

Shortly after sending this mail, you will receive a mail from the Swiggy site. The mail will state that your request has accepted by Swiggy and your account will delete within 12 to 24 hours.

The guidelines you will find in the application are the Swiggy app to delete your account.

  • Open your Swiggy application
  • Go to My Account
  • Click on the Help Section
  • Click on the FAQ Section
  • Now you get Deactivated my account

But there is no way to direct delete your Swiggy account. This only Guideline How to Delete Swiggy Account.

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