How to Delete Phonepe Account Permanently

Phonepe is a very important application of our mobile phone. We do the transaction in the direct bank account by Phonepe, so this application is very important to us.

So if there is any problem with the application, it should be resolved very soon. Sometimes it is not easy to solve such problems in the application.

Then in some cases to delete our Phonepe account. Now if you think you don’t want to use Phonepe.

How to Delete Phonepe Account

In this article, we discuss How to Delete Phonepe Account on your mobile.

You must unlink your Bank Account and Debit card, Credit Card from the Phonepe before permanently deleting Your Phonepe account.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Delete Phonepe Account Step by Step
If you follow this tutorial step by step, you can easily delete the Phonepe account permanently. Unlink your Bank account from Phonepe first. We will Delete Phonepe Account in just 8 steps.

  1. Open Your Phonepe Application & Click on this ICON

    First, open the Phonepe application and you will see that there is a Cochrane mark (?) on it, Click on it.Delete Phonepe Account

  2. Click on “My Account and KYC”

    After opening the help box you will see that there is an option called “My Account and KYC” in the Other Topics, click on it.Delete Phonepe Account

  3. Go to “Account Related Issues”

    After coming to My account and KYC you will see three options and click on the second option “Account Related Issues”Account Related Issues

  4. Now Click “Delete my PhonePe Account”

    Here you will see three options in a row. Here you can choose the second option “Delete my PhonePe Account”“Delete my PhonePe Account”

  5. Next step “How do I Delete/Deactivate my PhonePe Account? “

    Click this option you see hare and move to next page“How do I Delete/Deactivate my PhonePe Account

  6. Deactivate your PhonePe Account

    You need to deactivate the Phonepe account before deleting the Phonepe account. Click to “Deactivate PhonePe Account” and submit OTP and successfully deactivate your Ponepe account. “Deactivate PhonePe Account”

  7. Final Step For Delete Phonepe Account Permanently

    After deactivating the Phonepe account, you must submit a Phonepe customer support request to close your account Permanently.delete PhonePe account

  8. Confirm Your Request

    delete PhonePe account

With a few days of requesting to deactivate the Phonepe account, your account will be permanently deleted after receiving your request. Hopefully, you have been able to delete your account completely from this article.

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