How to Delete Letgo Account on App & Web

Letgo is a buying and selling platform where you can sell or buy anything to anyone you meet. If you want to sell something and you are not getting the right price then you can sell it at Letsgo.

it is a great platform because it locates in your area so it helps local people find the base of your zip code, whatever you want to sell or buy. If you have a business, you can promote and sell products and services on this platform.

Once the account is open, you can list your products in it by uploading photos and descriptions. The most common way you can handle the profile is through a mobile application or a website on the desktop.

How to Delete Letgo Account

If you have a problem with Letgo, you can mail support to Letgo to solve your problem. If you want to delete the Lage Go account, here we will give you complete guidance step-by-step. There are generally three ways you can delete an account. Through a web browser, an application, and by emailing support for deleting your account. We have tried to show the three states separate here.

Methode-1: On Web Deletion Process

Usually, we do all the business work on desktop or laptop so the website is very important to us. Most of us have opened Letgo account through the website and we will see step-by-step how to delete Account through the web.

  1. Open any browser on your PC

  2. Go to the official page of Letgo and log in

  3. Click on the “Profile Icon” at the top right

  4. In the list, click on option number 4 in “My Profile”

  5. You can see there is a “Setting icon” on the screen. Click on this

  6. Click on the last of the three Side by side options ” Your information “

  7. You can see there is an option called “Delete This Account”, that’s all you need

  8. Delete the account by clicking on Last Option “Delete The Account”

    How to delete Letgo Account on PC

Methode-2: On-App Deletion Process

If you use Letgo on your mobile, you may want to delete this account through the application.

  1. Open Letgo Application
  2. You need to login into the application
  3. Go to “Profile
  4. Enter “Settings” & “Help
  5. Next click “Technical support & error report”

*** Your application will be deleted within 24 hours.


Letgo is why we want to delete this account ?

i) We often get to know some people who cheat on us, which is why we want to delete the Letgo account.

ii) Sometimes we open an account at Letgo to sell or buy something. Once the work is complete we want to delete the Letgo account.

iii) It may be that the extra promotional email is bothering us so we want to delete the account on Letgo

Why is my Letgo Account under review?

i) Like all companies, they have a guideline. If you do not follow this guideline then your account may go under review.

ii) If you misbehave or cheat with a user who reports to your profile pic, your profile will go under review.

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