How to Delete Company in Tally in 2021 – Alter Company

In the past, our total account used to keep in the Book. Now the account has changed a lot with the help of the computer. A tally is an important software for keeping accounts through computer and we can do all the work easy.

The things we usually have to do to keep an account are what we do in Tally nowadays. All companies use Tally software to keep their accounts.

When opening a company in Tally, it is very easy to open the Create Company option in front of Gateway of Tally. Once the company opens in Italy, we have no idea how to delete it.

How to Delete Company in Tally

Usually, we create a lot of companies while practicing but can’t delete them later. Many times when a party stops working, we delete its company from our system. This has discussed in the nature of how to delete in the company on Tally

Here’s delete and Edit company process step by step

  1. First open it tally

  2. Select Company in Company Info

  3. Open the company you want to delete from the list of companies

  4. Now you press “Alt + f3” and open Company Info

  5. Now press “A” and press “Enter”

    delete in the company on Tally

  6. You can Edit the company information, if you want or delete Press “Alt + D”

The company can be edited in the same way as deleting the company. If you make a mistake while reading the company information, you can edit the company without the need to delete.

Once you delete a company from Tally, the company data is deleted along with the company in a permanent way. There is no way you will get that data back after deleting it. So before deleting the tally company at any time, put a breakup on your hard disk

Hopefully, after completing our article you have completely deleted your company in tally.

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