How to Connect Jiofi to PC Using USB or Wireless

Jio has launched for PC users to enjoy high-speed internet with JioFi. Enjoy high-speed internet using Jio SIM on mobile, the internet can enjoy on PC using Jio sim on Jiofi. JioFi has the advantage of connecting to your PC either wireless or wire.

The Jiofi is too small to carry, so you can take it anywhere with a laptop. It has an inbuilt battery that you can use wifi on a laptop as well as mobile or any other device. If you think this is the only port you can use on your PC.

Before using JioFi, you need to have a Jio sim card in it, If the SIM card is new then it has to activate. You can use your old SIM in it if you have one. If you use wifi connection then pc has to maintain a specified distance to Jiofi.

How to Connect Jiofi to PC

If you have a Jiofi and you don’t know how to connect to your pc now, Here is a step-by-step guide about this. You can use JioFi’s Internet on your PC by following these simple steps.

Connect to your pc on Jiofi

  1. Set up all and turn on Jiofi

  2. Open the Wifi on your Device

  3. Connect to the Specified Jiofi

  4. Enter the correct Password and Connect

  5. If Jiofi has pc to connect, first connect on detachable

  6. The two ways are connected

Now you have Jiofi connected to a PC and other devices. You can use Jiofi’s internet on your device. If you connect to Jiofi on your mobile and download JioCall, then you can send SMS and make a call via this device. You can use JioTV and JioMusic on your phone with the number of the connection you are using. Hope this article has solved your problem.

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