How to Check Net Balance Validity Jio Mobile Number

Jio is a very big company in the telecom sector, With the convenience of calling comes with 4G service. The company has never looked at 2G and 3G services, only 4G services.

Before Jio came to the market. The rest of the companies used to charge extra for internet packs but Jio brought it in the very normal range.

You must be using the Geo service, and there are some issues with using it that you don’t know how to fix. This article discusses some of your solutions related to Jio. It’s not a big deal, it’s a very simple way to solve these problems.

How to Check Jio Net Balance & Validity

If you are a jio user then you always need to know how much balance your Jio number has. A lot of times we don’t pay attention to all these little things but it is very important to know how to check jio net balance.

These are usually all jio’s plans that give you the benefit of unlimited calls and 100 SMS. Here we are discussing 3 easy ways in which you can check jio balance as soon as you find it easy.

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Not all Jio users use smartphones. Some of them use Jio phones. But with the Jio Phone, you also check net balance in jio in the same way. Here are some methods you can use to solve how to check jio number without app.

Method 1: How to check jio data balance and validity through my jio application

  1. Download My Jio app

  2. Open My jio application

  3. First Login with your phone number

  4. Click on the menu section

    Check Balance using Call Check Balance using Call

  5. click on “My Plans” and get full details

    net balance in jio

  6. Hare You can see jio balance & validity

    check jio balance as soon

Method 2: Via SMS check Jio data balance validity

1- Here you just have to type BAL and send sms to 199

2- Jio will then send you a message with all the information related to the balance

Method 3: Check Balance using Call Customer Care

By calling 197 with your Jio number, Customer Care will tell you all your daily balances and their validity after saving the specified language by pressing.

How to Check Jio Number Without App

we don’t remember our numbers and write them down somewhere but when we suddenly need it, we can’t find it anymore. In such a situation, if you have your phone, you can easily get your number.

Method 1: Call 1229 from your phone and immediately the phone will be disconnected and a message will come to your phone with all the information about your phone number and its balance and quality. This is the medium we know how to check jio number without app

Method 2: If you are using Geo then you have My jio application in your phone. Turn on the internet and open the My jio application, then you will see your mobile number in front of you

You can find out by using one of the two methods how to check own jio number.

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