How to Block Number in jio Phone – Simple Blocking Method

One of a Company of Reliance Industries is that Jio does business on telecom. Almost everything in the telecom industry has changed After coming to the market. Jio Telecom releases Jio Mobile along everyone gets it at a very low price and With awesome offers.

We get some spam calls and fake calls that we need to stop. It is very difficult for us to call these numbers while doing any important work. You want to block any number at any time but you can’t do it on Jio phone with slight difficulty.

Many times we want to block a number so that the phone does not come to our phone from that number. It was a completely new system from Jio. If you have bought this phone then you will have a little problem somewhere to use this phone.

How to Block Number in Jio Phone Step by Step

You are using a Jio phone and after trying a lot you can’t block the phone number. This article discusses How to Block Numbers on Jio Phone. The process we have tried to say here is very simple, you can block any number from it.

This is the easiest way to block numbers

  1. Open Your internet Connection First

  2. Open “Jio Chat”

  3. Click “option” The switch at the top right

  4. Then Go to “Setting” option

  5. There is a security Option below that will go

  6. You will see the “ADD” option

  7. Select the number of your choice and block it

This way you can get the job done and follow the steps step by step. I hope there is no difficulty in completing the work through this article. The heater is not like a normal keypad phone and not like a touch phone.

Phone number can be blocked on Jio phone

You can block any number on Jio phone if you want but its method is a little different. You won’t find much in the settings, you just have to do it from JioChat

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