How to activate BSNL sim card

Bsnl sim card

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one of the oldest companies in India. They offering landline, broadband and 2G 3G sim card services and many more.

You know bsnl reputation on the landline sector. Bsnl sim card service also competes with private companies. Now in some places, BNL 4G service has launched.

If you use bsnl sim card then you will know about the services of bsnl. And if you are interested in BSNL or have any problem then this article will make it easy for you.

In this article, we are discussing some of the confusion about bsnl SIM

How to get BSNL sim card

If you want to get a new bsnl sim card, you can easily get one. You can easily to go any of your local mobile store and bsnl offices to collect bsnl sim card.

you can find your nearest BSNL office by searching on Google maps. You will need a valid document and a live photo to get a BSNL sim card.

How to activate BSNL sim

You have a new BSNL sim card but have not been able to activate it yet. Now we will show you how to activate the BSNL sim card step by step.

Step by step Activate Your BSNL SIM card

  • First, you need to switch off your mobile.
  • You must know where the sim card slot is located on your phone.
  • If you have a dual sim mobile, you can keep anyone.
  • After installing the sim, the mobile has to be switched on.
  • Once turned on your mobile, wait for the network to arrive.
  • Keep your documents in front of you.
  • Now call “1507” or 123’ for Tele-Verification.
  • Once the Tele-Verification is done, after some time, the SIM will be activated automatically.
  • Once activated, you can use the BSNL sim card.

How to activate bsnl sim after expiry

If you have not used the SIM card for more than 90 days, it will be deactivated automatically. If the SIM card is deactivated and recharged within 15 days, the SIM card will be activated automatically.

Step by step Activate Your BSNL SIM card after expiry

If your BSNL SIM is deactivated then we will make it easy for you. There is to step to reactive BSNL sim card after expiry.

Step – A
• You will need to call Customer Care with another number.
• And you can request them to reactivate the SIM card.


Step – B
• You can go to your nearest BSNL office and give a reactive request.
• You need to submit the document.
• You will receive a confirmation call.
• Then your number will become reactive

How to activate bsnl sim after porting

You are not very happy with the service provider service. You want to port your sim to bsnl. If you want to port your sim to bsnl, we will help you in the right way.

Follow the above step by step format of how to active BSNL sim card.

How to get BSNL sim replacement

If your sim is damaged or broken, then you will need to have your sim replaced. If you don’t know how to get bsnl sim replacement then here we can help you. Bsnl sim replacement can be done in a very simple way.

Step by step how to get BSNL sim replacement.

• First you need to go to your local store or BSNL office.
• Sim replacement should be done with proper charge.
• You will need to provide your valid documents.
• you have to wait for the sim network to arrive.
• Then complete your Tele-Verification.
• Then after a few moments, the BSNL sim card will be ready to use.

How to block BSNL sim

You are using a bsnl sim and you want to block your sim for any reason. But you don’t know to block the sim. It can be done in a very simple way in some time.

Step by step how to block bsnl sim card.

• You need to get another BSNL number.
• Use those BSNL sims to call customer care.
• Call 198 to contact BSNL complain cervices.
• Specify the phone number you want to block.
• Say the why you want to block the number
• Give your proper documentation.
• Give your last recharge amount and payment getaway.

Provide the correct information to customer care, they will block the BSNL sim card.

Hopefully, we have solved your problem of how to Activate Your BSNL SIM card very well. Thanks for reading the whole article. Subscribe to us to resoled other issues like this.

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